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Data visualisation talk: Presentation using reports package

Why did I use html5 for my today’s talk?   My last presentation was prepared using html5. This time I wanted  some innovation while making the slides.  I prepared  first few slides in Jessyink. Then I got to know that my friend (Trinker) developed an R package, reports,  for creating an amazing presentation including  beamer and reveal. js template.  This is cool!!! Create a presentation in R for R talk. I could write everything in R markdown and convert into beautiful html5 slides.

You could find my presentation just below this blog.  If any of you wanted to recreate the same, here is the R Markdown file Rmd.  I did bit modification in the style file and some tags. Otherwise, you could generate the same. Ensure you have all required packages (check Rmd file) before running the file. The options required for slide creation very well described in the help (reports package).

 Short version of slide creation is as follows:

  1. Install reports package (install.packages(“reports”) or take it from github).
  2. Call the presentation(“your_folder”) function. This creates Rnw and Rmd files inside your_folder/PRESENTATION.
  3. Add contents to Rmd file. Then click knit HTML if you are using RStudio or call knit2html. This would create the html file.
  4. Finally, run reveal. j’s () function. This would create the html5 presentation slides inside your_folder/PRESENTATION/reveal.js(). You could customize the path or theme or transition… I have used the theme as beige and transition as a cube.

This process wouldn’t be smoother for an R beginner who uses Windows. One should make sure all dependencies are set.  Github page provides more help resources, and it is helpful to complete successful creation of your presentation.

Apart from reports one can try slidify  package for creating html5 slides. This got multiple  html5 presentation templates including shower, io2012, etc.

One thing I am a bit unhappy is  that Emacs+ess doesn’t have a Rmd mode. I am sure someone is working on that.  Now it is time for my research work.

Note:Use firefox or chrome browser to view my presentation. left, right, up*, and down* arrows for transition.


PS:  ggplot2 is liked by almost all. As per the feedback, I should spend more time on ggplot2.

Fun with R graphics: A raptor and a cake

R graphics are something I always  explore or experiment with.  Base graphics, ggplot2 are my favorites. On  other graphics packages, I haven’t used plotrix much. I am currently exploring grid package.


First one is using ggplot2. (You could also do this using base graphics).

It would be more fun if we can do animation on Raptors. You can find an animated version of Raptor here. Rcode.


Here is the easy one. This one is a cake using plotrix package.


I have already discussed this graph in my favorite forum talks tats.  I dedicated both the graphs to my friends in the forum. You can find more fun graphs in this forum.