Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it

Hey! I am back, writing a new blog after a long time. 

This time I have something to share. It is about mining in the data and a new  modelling tool, motivated from natural phenomena, like Neural Networks (Human Neural System) and Genetic Algorithm (Natural evolution). Don’t worry, I am not going for a boring theoretical stuff. Den wat? I am writing a science fiction. It is not inspired from crazy English movies. May be “The Calcutta Chromosome” (Amitav Ghosh , 1995) can be the source of inspiration of this venture.

First we have a look at a bit of data mining , the critical tool in the future business. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Penzias remarks (1999) “Data mining will become much more important, and companies will throw away nothing about their customers because it will be so valuable. If you’re not doing this, you’re out of business.” He believed Data Mining would become the killer applications in the corporation. Dr. Penzias is correct, now there are many companies made tremendous competitive advantages in the market using data mining. Now the nature of competition is shifting away from the classic struggle between companies, the new competition is Data Mining v/s Data Mining.

Increase response rates on direct mail campaigns, decrease fraudulent claims and predict the likely fluctuations in the market are the main business side applications of Data Mining. Other than this DM is used in Biology, preventing crime, security and Artificial intelligence applications.

Data mining investigation in ‘security and criminal detection’ is going to be a one of the critical implementation. The essence of this part you may find in Tom Cruise’s movie ‘Minority report’ (2002). Pre-crime is not science fiction; it is the objective of data mining techniques based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. “It’s not going to be a cruise missile or a bomber that will be the determining factor, It’s going to be a scrap of information” defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld said over and over in the days following September 11. After the 9/11 rapid growth is going on this area. Link analysis, intelligent agents, text mining, neural networks and machine network algorithms are the main areas of the development

Let us think about few DM tools. Artificial Neural Network is inspired by the structure of the brain. Brain contains about 1 x 1010basic units called neurons. Each neuron in turn is connected to about 1 x 104 other neurons. A neuron is a cell that receives electro chemical signals from its various sources and in turn responds by transmitting electrical impulses to other neurons. The brain learns from experience, this will form a network between neurons. Another tool is Genetic Algorithm. GAs are inspired by Darwinian theory of survival of the fittest. Algorithm starts with a set of solutions for a population are taken and used to form another population. This is motivated by a hope that new population will be better than the old one.

I will tell you about a story in the next blog.

9 thoughts on “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it

  1. Anonymous

    Srinivas: Abe

    Good stretch. Let me see whether your arrow goes atraight with strength and hits the right point or not. I am waiting for your next article.

  2. Anonymous

    nice start

    Great description of GAs and NNs, Hope the story does not have the complexities of the above two.

      1. Anonymous

        Re: nice start

        Hi Viru,
        It is a nice start but come out of the phase in which u talk about what is ANN, or data mining and come into the real world which is really complicated. Start Developing something in NN and find the complexity associated and the heart breaks when u have a 60% classification accuracies.

        Your Orkut Buddy
        Aviral Mathur

  3. Anonymous

    Where is the next one…

    Vinu,Real Good work…But can you elaborate Data Minning,NN more with practical applications.And how much you know about industrial applications


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