R Graphics with ggplot2

ggplot2 is one of the most elegant R packages for data analysis and visualization.  Recently I gave a tutorial on ggplot2 package.  You could find my ggplot2 notes here (click the image below).

You could find my presentation below. The presentation made in html5. Use your left/right key to go through the presentation.

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Doctoral Student. Interest: Time Series, Statistical Modeling, R, Latex, Data Visualization, Programming, and Philosophy of Science
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6 Responses to R Graphics with ggplot2

  1. AChandra says:

    Hi Vinu,
    Nice notes and presentation!
    Look forward for more such R-related resources from you!
    Btw, the other day I was trying to work on detecting structural change in a time-series using strucchange package of R, and I couldn’t find it. Would be thankful to you if you could help me out!

  2. Niladri says:

    Hi Vinu,
    Nice post.
    In my project sometimes I need to highlight certain location of a country by its longitude & latitude. Say for example I need to highlight stores of Romania based on their performance measured in 1-3 point scale with 3 different colors & I have the longitude & latitude for those stores.
    Can you please suggest me some links where I can get an idea about how to do such things using R?


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